Fusson (Germany) through Austria to Milano (Italy)

I had let my imagination get the better of me and as I had decided to do away with the hasstle of getting a ‘Go Box’ and using toll roads I had images in my head of driving up and down the equivalent of Hard Knot Pass.

I had even been correctly advised by the brill MMM Forum not to bother paying the toll for the Landecker Tunnel and just to drive through Landecker itself and just keep on going.

Well, the reality is that you definitely need to be concentrating with some breathtaking scenery but all the roads were pretty wide, well maintained and came with stunning views whenever you had a sec to take your eyes off the road. Some of the sheer drops coming onto the roads as well as off to my right, definitely improved concentration (you’d have hated it our Al x)

Now at a free Camper Connect site (cheers Keith) at Malano, seemed a bit dodgey to me when I first pulled up, so set my alarm for 2 hour kip and was going to move on but having spoken to three lots of motorhomers and a local chap I was convinced that all was ok.

Fast forward to the present, it’s now 2.30 in the morning and I’m wide awake but not going to move on till first light as dont fancy driving in the dark and risk losing altitude faster than I had planned!!!

Was pleased that they were doing something to try and stop tons of rock sweeping you down the mountain!

Bit black over Bill’s Mothers as I past through Austria

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