Enroute back to Kuala Lumpur.

The flight from Brisbane to Sydney was delayed by 15 mins. Dan has just whatsapped to see if we fancy a Thai but I think we are Thai’d out as Al. Beth and Lou have had Thai for the past two nights. Think the plan might be to get back to the rental house, get washed, packed and ready to leave, final tidy up before tackling more beer that is left over from the New Year.

We will see….. at the moment, half way through the Brisbane-Sydney flight trying to stop myself ripping the head off of a little twattut that keeps kicking the back of my seat!!!
Next stop Sydney and seeing the Oz Umphs and our Ange again.

We got picked up by our Sheen and were soon all reunited at the ‘big house’ ordering yet another Thai. Thai, drinkies and a full discussion of everything we had done over the past three weeks. It was soon time for Milly and Enna to go home to bed.
We then started the unappealing task of cleaning up, washing and ironing for me and Al’s next encounter with Orangutan ( you have to look your best when meeting your first Oranga) and generally packing everything up ready to leave this beautiful place.
At 2am we were all done and sat around again rehashing our holiday adventures.

The next morning was a quiet affair with everyone not admitting it but feeling a bit down that our amazing holiday was finally coming to an end and we wouldn’t be seeing the lovely Oz Umphs in the flesh for quite some time. 😩
We eventually said all our goodbyes along with plenty of hugs and tears ( I didn’t laughter for a change) and waved goodbye to the lovely Oz Umphs.
We are, at the moment of typing this, traveling diagonally across Australia, right to left and are due to be flying over the sea again shortly heading towards Kuala Lumpur, 2800km done 3783 km to go, 4 hours 30 mins to go.
Highlight of the flight so far ( for me, not our Ange) she is sat about 7 rows behind and I could she she was trying to sleep and was opening and shutting her eyes while nodding at the same time, I know it’s not big or clever but I went over and put my face about an inch from her’s. She jumped a bloody mile!!!!
4 hours 10 mins to go but not sleeping as we land 8.00pm Kuala Lumpur time.

Now just less than 2 hours to go, watched a film called ‘Midnight Special’ what ever you do, don’t watch it, it’s the biggest pile of shite I have watched in years, in fact, please do watch it as you can then experience the torturous feelings I had at 36000 feet!!
Also watched Tarzan, dead good.

Landed safely and said our goodbyes to Ange, Lou, Chris and Beth (Ryan and Kee on later flight) and got a free bus to the hotel which is opposite where we fly from tomorrow (yay) 

Plan for tomorrow, 2 1/2 hour flight to Kota Kinabalu where we get a day to chill before we start Orangutan and Turtle spotting 😊

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