Diet and Fitness update.

The graph doesn’t lie, but it does add some entertainment.


It is over the whole year but seem to be back on track now!!

I need to be! Off on our amazing OZ, Borneo, Langkawi trip on the 16th December (more on that later)

I have been doing Slimming World healthy eating at home with our Al as she went to SW group on a Friday morning, she has since reached her target but can no longer go because of work so I have taken over and joined three weeks ago.

At the moment lost 3lb/lost 4lb slimmer of the week!!/lost half a pound, so still on track, just.

Intend to update this Health and Fitness category once a week from now on till 16th December, not worked out yet, how to separate all my other ramblings/drivvle from my Health and Fitness posts but will work on it to spare any readers getting drawn into my waffle.

Prediction, even though it was my birthday weekend, at least 2lb off on Friday!!


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