Day 8 Sea Day. Cornerbrook to St John, New Brunswick

Day started at 06.30 with just over an hour and a half in the gym, have discovered the cycle machine with a large screen which lets you choose different routes to ride with others. … about killed mi sen while looking out to sea.

Then it was breakfast and decided to give the scrambled eggs and salmon a miss for a change but Trace and David went for the salmon, Al went for the yogurt and French toast with maple syrup and I had my first traditional breakfast but had two bacon, two sausages and two hash browns as well. (Had too much)

It was then time for our 21 laps (3 miles) around the upper deck and then I was beaten twice by this bloke who sits in the same place everyday with a chess board and a little sign saying ‘Play Me’

Def going to beat the smug twat before the end of the cruise, met up with Trace, David and arr Al again and we had a few beers and a meat and cheese sandwich which was just too much meat, oh yea, and a cheesecake.

Al and Trace then went off to learn the Argentinian Tango and it was siesta time for me and David.

We have booked a posh restaurant for tonight, Sabortini’s so think it will be amazing. Possible gym visit after siesta but will see.

Gym visit went out the window, woke up at 18.30. The restaurant was top notch, well worth the cover charge of £25 per head.

We finished off the evening by visiting the ships theatre to see MoBo ( music of black origin) awhi sang Tamela Motown and Dana Monique who was amazing and belted out some classic songs including Aretha Franklin stuff.

At nearly 11.30 we trundled off to bed looking forward to our St John stop tomorrow

A few food pics below

Gym at 06.30

First Course
Calimari . First Course
Another First Course
Al’s Desert
Mine and David’s desert choice

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