Day 7 Cornerbrook Visit

Morning all, dock at 08.00, now 06.30, off to the Gym to work off those cheesecakes 😄

Managed to get down to breakfast and had my normal scrambled eggs and Salmon.

We were all off the ship for about 09.00 ish.

We had a look around some stalls that had been set up for our arrival and had a walk around the place while enjoying the lovely sunshine, we were lucky as it had pissed down there for the last 5 days. 

One of my tasks were to have my photo taken at the site of the Captain Cook lookout point which we did. It was a right track up various Hilly roads but the views from the top were well worth it which included The view of the estuary and our magnificent ship moored up.While there, a tourist guide from another group was telling them that Captain Cook met his demise by being eaten by cannibals in Tahiti, didn’t know that 😁

On the way back down the hill I saw a bar/restaurant called Jennifer’s Bar and suggested to Al that it might be worth calling in as it was a bit off the beaten track. 

The response was ‘ oh no, we would be better heading into the town, literally seconds later Trace said Oh, let’s go in here it won’t be as busy as the main town.

What a lovely idea was Al ‘s reply, I feel a theme coming on 😃

The last statement may not be an accurate word for word encounter but certain editorial creativity must be taken into a account but you get the idea.😄

Jennifer’s Bar turned out to be marvellous apart from a dish ordered by Trace that contained Feta, f ig juice and a chilly type heat which was not a great combination.

On a positive note we got to try Canada’s traditional dish called ‘Poutine’ which is basically chips/frys, gravy and melted cheese. Enjoyed it a lot.

We got back on board and stayed in the upper scupper enjoying the views either side of the estuary until we reached the open sea in our way to St John. 

Time now 18.00 and we just have time for a little siesta before we are out again at 19.00 ready for our evening meal at 19.30.

What a lovely evening, me and So chatting away to Tracy and David is like talking to family you haven’t seen for years, you just drop into things with no effort whatsoever 😁

Had a lovely 4 course meal, photos will follow, this was followed by a casino visit which involved our fave barman who now mixes the cocktails without asking 😁

Have sussed out the blackjack, roulette and another game similar to 3 card brag which will be trying later on in the cruise and had a crash course with the fruit machines from Trace so will be giving them a go.

Eventually crashed out at nearly quatre to 12 but the clocks go back for the final time tonigjt, so not too bad.

Gym in the morning and a day at sea before our St John visit.😁


cooks look out pointCaptain

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