Day 6 Not far from Newfoundland

Morning to all my readers (me) 

It’s now 05.20 in the morning and wide awake, just listening to the sounds of the sea and the distant occasional blast of the ship’s (don’t crash into me in the fog) siren. Not heard it for a while so must have cleared. 

No decent t’internet so all these posts for the first 6 days are still in my Kindle and not actually published yet, along with all the photos. 

05.28, there she blows, must still be a pea supper ☺

Off the gym in an hour so will just read for a while, So been awake with toothache in the night so might after see the ship’s doc later to make sure all ok.

05.31 there she blows, it’s quite faint for us, Starbourd side aft, deck 9 but for others that are midships or towards the pointy end must be a pain if you are a light  sleeper and don’t sleep like a log unlike myself. 

This may come as a shock to some but missing breakfast this morning as don’t feel like partaking again after last night’s lovely meal.

The good news is, this opens the way up for 11 oclockers or Brunch 😁

Plan changed, went to breakfast and had scrambled eggs and Tuna. 

This was later followed by a dinnertime visit to the Sushi Bar, we had to pay extra for this but totally worth it. Never tasted such different varieties of Tuna despite eating a big lump of Wsssabi and nearly burning out my clacker. 

So had got a tooth infection so we had to book and see the ship’s Doc who has put her in anti biotics. Not kicked in yet so it’s siesta time at 15.30 and then meet up for Dinner.

I have been in the upper scupper looking for Whales and taking the first pictures of Canada that has appeared in our starboard side. 

Currently doing about 10 knots as we are due in at 08.00 in the morning and are slowly making our way down the peninsula off the Canadian coast with land either side.

Had a different night and stayed in the room and ordered food in as Am was in agony as she has got an infection that affects her tooth and the side of her face up to her ear but luckily we saw the ship’s doc ($90) earlier in the day and he sorted pain killers and anti biotics so with Trace’s advise as well, they seemed to kick in and slept through ok.

A Typhoon had previously hit the Canadian coast prior to us setting sail and we found out today that two of our stops had to be cancelled because of Port damage and the devastation caused to the local infrastructure.So we are not calling at Charlotown and Sydney.

On a positive note, we now call at St John’s on the way down the coast as well as in the way back which will give us more time to explore and also we get an extra day in New York which will be amazing as we will get to explore Brooklyn as well.

3 thoughts on “Day 6 Not far from Newfoundland

  1. Helen

    Aaargh we are loving reading this , kev n I just sat on stairs reading it . Sorry to hear you not well Al , hopefully the antibiotics will kick in and you will be fighting fit for for the rest of the adventure x Sendibg you lots of love and look forward to reading the following adventure xx

    1. Kev

      I know Pooje, I felt so sad because when we went to Australia Mum would read everything in her Leopard skin dressing gown xxx

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