Day 4 Sea Day 17 knots due West – Over half way

The day started at 06.45 with a visit to the gym, Al came along for half an hour and I did an hour and a half, trying to address the balance regarding the absolutely amazing cheesecakes I have been consuming along with what seems like litres of Penot Noir, Merlot and cocktails.

This was followed by another trip to the restaurant for breakfast, we have decided to stick to restaurants for breakfast and dinner as it’s a set menu and set amount of food as opposed to me visiting the buffet and hoovering up everything like a hyperactive fiddler crab ☺

I then attended a meeting of Ex servicemen and veterans for half an hour, very interesting, included one chap who got shot down in an Apache helicopter during the Vietnam war and spent time in a POW camp.

Then it was time for our 3 mile stint walking round the upper deck in thick fog with the ship’s siren getting blasted out every few minutes to remind other ships that we were there. By lap 21 the fog had gone and it was sunny yet again… for half an hour.

The rest of the day involved very relaxing extended sipping of alcohol while taking in the view before I decided that an extended siesta was in order so left Al, Tracey and David to it and headed for my room but not before ordering a cheese cake, lemon sponge cake and a few cookies for delivery 😃

Siesta over, me and An met up with TnD again before secretly ordering flowers to be delivered to our table during our evening meal for their 40th wedding Anniversary. They seemed dead chuffed 😊

The evening was rounded off with an earlier than usual night so we could just stick a film on and chill.

Clocks go back an hour so an extra hour in bed before the daily gym visit.

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