Day 3 Sea Day

Today started with Arr Al spending at least an hour being ‘not very Well’

Once she had gone back to bed and was asleep, I went to the gym for an hour and a half and then as Al slept, I had a healthy breakfast ( no, really) and got thrashed by someone at  Chess. 

We met Trace and David for a short time but Al was still not right so we all decided it was best for Al to have a kip and hopefully would feel a lot better for the evening as the ladies were getting their hair done and it was our first Gala Night at sea. Posh frocks and Tuxedo’s.

Now back on track, So had a few hours kip, I sat on the arse end of the ship (technical term) and read my book before joining Al and having a siesta followed by an order of sandwiches, chips and beer to our room.

I had previously taken a walk round the huge buffet area and was again gobsmacked at all the variety of food on offer, everyone is catered for, vegans, vegitarians, piscatarians and still the food is really top notch, I actually walked by the whole lot and only had a tiny taster plate of pickled herring!!

It’s only day 3 and this cruising malarkey is amazing but for a greedy twat like myself, you really have to make a conscious effort with what you are going to eat and when. You could see some people absolutely piling the plates up or selecting puddings enough for three, just because they are there.  

I will  definitely bang weight on but it’s going to be slightly balanced by the gym visits and walks round the ship. We both learned a lesson in the 2nd night as far as the drinks are concerned, we have to again give it some thought because we both must have had 6 or 7 different cocktails and even though amazing, Al was ill and even though I didn’t admit to it, I felt like shite as well 😁

Will finish updating later as Al gone with Trace to get her hair done then it’s Gala Night here we come.

Was so lovely to see everyone dressed up, listened to the Captain telling us all about the ship and crew. Then went in yet another amazing restaurant.Drank and chatted till about 11.30 but then I just ground to a halt, got tired and then just couldn’t revive, might have been something to do with the whisky and Bourbon cocktails?

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