Day 22 Sea Day and 60th Birthday.

Was informed by Al, not to go to the gym in the morning which I was pleased with as all this relaxing was truly tiring.

About 8 ish there was a knock on the door and room service bought breakfast in bed and Al said it was ordered by Tracy and David and champagne was on its way. We had just finished the brekkie which was like an egg McMuffin when there was another knock on the door and another full breakfast was delivered complete with a plate of pastries and champagne, enough for 4 easily. We didn’t know at the time but David had ordered the McMuffins to be delivered after the main breakfast jut in case there wasn’t enough.

I piled a tray up with food with the intention of tapping on Tracy and David’s door to see if they were up but met Wonderful Greg on the way who sang Happy Birthday to me before hammering on Tracy and David’s door and waking them up 😳

It was then time to open my pressies and cards 👏👏👏

I truly did not expect the lovely pressies I got especially as our main 60 pressie to ourselves was this amazing trip.

Alisoni got me a Peleton exercise cycle and subscription for when the house is finished and the lovely Kidlets jointly booked me and Al to go to Florence!!! 😁 as well as a classy pair of noise cancelling headphones 😁 Got some other lovely pressies as well but will thank you all when I see you x

We all had a champagne toast in our room before we headed off for some serious chilling which surprise surprise, included a few drinks and a Jacuzzi. Didn’t have dinner as I knew we were booked into a fancy restaurant so it was soon siesta time ready for getting glammed up for our meal.

….to be continued….

Siesta completed, we headed off to a specialised restaurant, the Crown Grill which turned out to be yet another step up from the already amazing dishes we had been having.

Photos will appear below but 4 courses of amazing food with the main being the ‘Surf and Turf’ Fillet steak and lobster!!!

We were looking forward to the deserts and wondering if we would actually be able to fit it in, when my amazing birthday cake arrived!!! Soooo delicious, even with a decent wedge each there was plenty for the following day as well as dishing it out to ours and David and Tracy’s steward, Greg and Joseph.

Having left the restaurant we then decided to have a few more drinkies before the evening was rounded off by a visit to the ship’s theatre to watch a truly classy performance by Neil Lockwood from ELO (he toured as lead singer with ELO when Jeff Lynn decided he didn’t want to tour)

An amazing birthday to remember 🙂

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