Day 20. St John, Labrador and Newfoundland

We were so lucky again with the weather, slightly later than normal breakfast then off walking as everything to be seen is within walking distance.

The entrance to the harbour was quite narrow and it was the biggest ship that they had ever had in and the locals were very excited about it.

We decided to take the 3.5 miles walk up to the fortress/lookout that used to protect the entrance to the harbour with cannon emplacements.

We set off up a steep road that soon changed to a rocky path with wooden steps here and there but then came to a section that had a chain attached to the cliff on the left because the path narrowed significantly and disappeared abruptly off to the right in the form of a steep drop. Al and Trace correctly decided to turn back and myself and David carried on. Had to keep stopping on the way up as was gasping and coughing like an old donkey. Some amazing views and spectacular scenery and the Canadians were so helpful and friendly.

Meanwhile Al and Trace had found what looked like a pub and a bloke told them to go in. After a while no one came to serve them and as they looked around they noticed an axe in a block of wood, a whip in a corner and a chainsaw, Not wanting to be the next victims of some unimaginable crime, they scuttled off to a nearby cafe.

We then all met back up and explored the city streets. My task was to find and sample the local rum called Screech Rum. We found it and sampled it but unfortunately I also decided to opt for a locally brewed lager that tasted like piss water.

After calling into ‘Dollarama’ to spend all our change on snackettes and chocolatey treats, we headed back to the ship taking advantage of the glorious weather and planting ourselves in and around the Jaccuzi area.

The plan was to remain there for the ships sail away but it got delayed as I think the Captain had decided to wait until the tide was higher.

We then got changed and it was off to dinner and a window seat which was a real treat as the locals turned out in their hundreds to see us off. Some had turned their phone torches on and were waving them as we passed, there were a few mopeds doing the same and then following us up the coast to the harbour exit along with several cars.

We were later told that all the local shops had ran out of Maple syrup and Coffee due to the 2000+ people that went ashore out of the possible 2800.

There are some people that either do not get off the ship at all or do get off but stay local so they can get back on for their lunch instead of trying and paying for the local stuff. ( What a waste of an experience)

Finally, after dinner we were all flagging and I was still occasionally coughing like flip so we decided to call it a night.

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