Day 2 Morning river cruise, Jungle Treck and late afternoon river cruise

Feel a bit guilty about wowing about only seeing a Slow Lorris and an Owl, Slow Lorris are extremely difficult to see in the Wild, they also carry poison under their armpits which they suck out before biting you 😳

Anyways, onward and upward, the early morning boat trip was so peaceful, just the driver, Patrick of Borneo and me and Al.

Our hopes of seeing anything were dashed early on when we saw two Proboskis Monkeys curled into a ball at the top of the trees still fast asleep. We headed up river to an area which used to be a big loop in the river but was now a lake attached to the main river. The boat chap was keeping a look out which was a good job, as Patrick of Borneo was busy telling me and Al how he loved, Antiques Roadshow and Container Wars.

The next thing we knew was the boat veering towards the bank and the driver pointing out two young Orangutan lazing about in a tree, my first sighting in the wild. This was followed by several types of birds plus a real close up of a Kingfisher, my first close up encounter apart from through Binoculars in Portugal with Chris and Keith.

We would have been more than happy with the Orangutan but we also encounter a Grey Headed Fish Eagle and last of all, a 10/12 foot crocodile???!!!!!!

Back at the hotel I felt like Bilbo Baggins (second breakfast!) It was then time for another Jungle Treck, a previous group had stumbled upon a young Pigmy Elephant earlier that morning (one hadn’t been seen for months) so I headed off with the guide to where it was last seen, to try and track it down. We walked for about half an hour in the area where it was last seen and turned back thinking it had disappeared back into the jungle. We were walking back when the guide heard some splashing and breaking of branches, we held our breaths and as quietly as we could, slipped onto a small path going into the rain forest, there it was, about 10 feet away nearly obscured by all the jungle foliage. I took several pictures and a video but when played back, I can’t see the bloody thing! We finished the walk with smiles on our faces, which was a good job, as we saw nowt else.

We then had a bit of chill out time/siesta in the room time before our river cruise, the opposite way up the river, we again saw lots of different monkeys and a few close up encounters with hornbills. When we returned we had just missed a visit by the young elephant that has possibly been separated from the herd, the next time the herd comes this way, they will be reunited.

Tonight’s plan, dinner and b n c and w n c, breakfast at 8 in the morning and check out at 9 so will have an early morning gander to see if I can spot our elephant friend.

Al booked me in tonight for a candle wax treatment that is supposed to get rid of your toxins and ear wax, comes with a shoulder massage as well 😀 HEY. What did you say??



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