Day 2 Cruise

Off to a good start, in the gym for 06.45 until 08.15 then showered and changed for breakfast. Learnt an early lesson about the food. Ordered eggs Benedict and decided to order salmon with it, e,letting to get the eggs with a bit of salmon on the side. Both came as separate dishes and there was plenty in each plate, Def enough to share between two, naturaly I ate the lot ☺

After brekkie it was a walk around the ‘walking track’ yes it has a freaking walking track! 21 times around equalled 3 miles while watching for whales and dolphins and far off sbips. It was slightly breezy when you walked down the Starboard side!

For the rest of the day we explored the ship, visiting several areas with different stuff going on, a film was on the big screen, in house band doing their thing and we had a few drinkies before signing up for the Salsa class. Tracy was partnered Am and I got Ruth, who’s husband had sensibly declined and like David was sat having a Drink, I am sure Al is determined to get him up at some point 😃 

We then had a bit of a chill time and I carried out one of my tasks and sat on the back end reading my book for an hour. 

The rest of the day was spent getting dressed up and going to a lovely restaurant, followed by a visit to the casino, Joyce and Edna were showing me how to play this card game, didn’t actualy have a go but now understand it for next time 😄

We rounded up the evening visiting a few different bars and definitely had too many cocktails.

I am currently writing this on day 3 before going to the gym as A!isoni continues to hug the toilet and shouting out for someone called Heweee. I tried to make her feel better with an order of beers and New York cheesecake, but didn’t work so had to have them myself 😁

Too many cocktails me thinks!


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