Day 19 at Sea/Formal night.

Decided to have a bit of a lie in and go to brekkie later. Went to the gym about half seven ish and then shower and change and we all went down to brekkie for about 9.00.

I am actually playing catchup here as I did this post once on the same evening but managed to lose it all and its now Day 21 and at sea, will catch up shortly.

Back to Day 19. we finished our brekkie and then it was off on to the upper scupper for our 21 laps/3 miles which happened to be in beautiful weather with an added bonus of seeing a few whale spouts here and there. I saw one briefly, far off through the binoculars, hell of a lot bigger than the minky’s.

We then chilled most of the morning before going to see a presentation/talk from an ex sas chap in the theatre. Very interesting but has a Q and A session in a few days time, might give that a miss in favour of the jaccuzi.

The rest if the day was spent chilling on the upper deck as the weather was warm enough to do bit of tan topping up.

We eventually made our way back to our rooms to get sirted for the evening meal, spot on as always.

A group decision was then made to go and see the group that would be on in the theatre that night called the ’West Enders’ we could have had an early night as apart from the last song from Le Mis where they were all singing individual sections and sounded marvellous, it was all a bit shouty and competing with each other.

it was then bed time as we were off on our last visit to St Johns

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