Day 18 – Halifax Nova Scotia

Day started at 06.30 with a 12 mile cycle ride in the gym followed by pancakes and maple syrup 😁

Plan for today, taxi to Walmart then a meander back towards the centre and a relaxing walk around the place before we leave at 18.00. Possibly a few drinkies en route as it’s a lovely sunny day.

Well, the visit went roughly as above but we traipsed round Walmart and Apple and a few more stores looking for a card reader to attach my camera SD card to my phone but out of stock everywhere.

We had a good walk round and got back onboard the ship about 2 ish and went for a pizza till about 4 then myself and David had a siesta ( not together) and Al and Tracey had a Jacuzzi as the weather was wonderful and were chatting to a bloke who goes in the gym every morning at 06.30 so I have definitely met him. I have continued to bark like Flip the dog, had a covid test which is negative but wheezing like a good un so might have to see doc tomorrow? Al and Trace not worried till I missed my desert 😁

After our siesta we went for dinner, then the casuno, then listened to a shite Jazz group begore going to the theatre to see a production called 5 Skys that I was raving about saying how amazing it was and how it showed off loads of young talent but I recon no one else shared my view as we were all knackered and ready for bed.

The clocks go forward tonight so its now just gone midnight and we have a dickie bow/ formal night at sea. I will be in the gym at 06.30 then brekkie at 09.00.

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