Day 14 Newport Rhode Island

Woke up at stupid o’clock, finished off yesterdays blog and went to the gym for half an hour. Showered, changed and breakfast and we were off in the transfer boats from the ship to shore by 09.30.

Jumped on a free bus that took us arround the place and decided to do the coastal walk which also incorporated a few amazing mansions that were along the coast, we didn’t do the whole 3.5 miles walk but did about 2 miles before cutting back in towards the town.

We explored the whole place, taking advantage of the amazing weather, having a beer along the way and a hu-age icecream!!

After exploring this lovely place we then qued up to get the boat back onboard abour 14.45 as we were leaving at 16.00 because of the tides.

it was a case of a quick change into swiming stuff and the jacuzzie and a few drinkies before we sailed, we were back in our rooms for 17.00 ish and Al Trace and david chilled and I re visited the gym after our order of Natchos, crisps and a solitory cheesecake 🙂

When we were on the way back Al asked Tracy what these things were that were dangling down on our transfer boat and she said, that is what they attach to get them back on the ship. At a similar time I had been looking at the boats with Princess printed on them and was thinking how organised they were to have transfer boats ready at the destination we were at. Neither of us had realised that the transfer boats were actually the ships lifeboats!!! DOOHHH!!!

Evening meal time shortly and we will be trying to keep awake a bit longer than normal.

Managed to get a few mire cocktails diwn us and yet another amazing meal, diverted away from my cheesecake for desert and immediately regretted it when it arrived, was amazing, but just not cheescske!! 😁

As we came out of the restaurant we decided to head for the casino as I had been trying out this game and failing badly, it was like a scene from 007 but they didn’t try and poison me. Was up $35 on the night.

We then noticed everyone streaming into the theatre so tagged along to see what was on, what a good move, turned out to be 4 blokes called ’Unity’ who were amazing, sang loads of stuff including Nes un dorma (spelt wrong) and songs from Les Mis.

Finally zonked out at 11.30 ish….. next stop. Boston for a tea party at 10.00am

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