Day 11 New York

Woke up at 05.30 to finish yesterdays post for the blog and had planned to go to the Gym and have brekkie but opened the curtains and saw the Statue of Liberty and the Statton Island Ferry straight opposite our balcony. I shouted Al and dashed for my camera.

Went yo the gym and had brekkie as normal, scrammbled eggs and Salmon for me and Pancakes and maple syrup fir Al.

It’s now 09.45 and in a que waiting to go through imigration to get off the ship and explore. 😁

Statton Island Ferry and Statue of Liberty

We got off the ship and waited for a ferry straight across to Manhatton but there was a problem with the ticket machine so it was a bus ride and the underground.

We found ourselves at the 9/11 memorial and then explored ’Little Italy’ and Lower Manhatton which also included 3 pizzas and a lasagne 😁

We then had a wonder arround Lower Manhatton before walking back to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge. Tried to find an area called ’Dumbo’ that was supposed to be full of trendy pubs and foodie places but could not find anything even though in the right area and decided as the weather was iffy and it was a Tuesday, they might all open at the weekend?

We then had the bright idea to walk back even though it took a bus and a train to get us there 🙄

After a 3 day camel hike we arrived back at the ship for 19.30 and were sipping cocktails by 19.40.

Finished the evening by not getting dressed up for a change and ordering food to be delivered to our rooms.

Plan for tomorrow is to be off the ship by 8.00am as we are booked in to go up the empire State Buildng fo 10.00, even though rain is forcast again.

9/11 Memorial
Next to and Underneath 9/11 Memorial

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