Cruise – Day 1

Seems so strange that if this trip had happened earlier, Mum would have been making a cuppa then opening her iPad every morning to follow our adventure, bless her.

Set off at 06.30 to meet Tracy and David at Leicester Forest East Services at 07.30. 

All went well until David missed the A34 turn off but then I ducked up later on which balanced it out. 

Eventually got to the port after major delay in M3 and went through all the boarding routine without a hitch thanks to David and Tracy informing us all the way  πŸ™‚

Drinks straight away followed by a tour of the ship, as Tracy and David been on before. 

We were totally Gob smacked by the sheer size of the ship, it was like walking into an opulent 5* hotel.

We had pre booked a restaurant which the turned out to be amazing as opposed to piling up the food at the ever present buffet. We have booked the restaurant for the whole trip ☺

In bed by 22.30 as knackered.

Plan tomorow, Gym. at 06.30 πŸ™‚

Today’s been amazing

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