Covid19 & Mothers Day 22nd March 2020.

The virus that started in China (god knows when) had been spreading across the world at an alarming rate and ‘Our Una’s’ care home had gone into ‘Lockdown’ as a precautionary measure some two weeks previously. (turned out it was the best thing they could have ever done)

We had planned for Lou and Jess to call round to the house for dinner and to deliver flowers but we all felt uncomfortable about being so close when rumours of an imminent country wide lockdown was being discussed all over social media and an announcement by Boris (twat) was expected that evening.

By this time countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Spain and most of Europe had already announced a total lock down which included the closing of all pubs, essential journeys only and many people having to stay in doors and ‘Shield’ because they were classed as vulnerable due to underlying health conditions.

In short, we met Lou and Jess at the care home, handed the flowers over at arms length and disinfected everything before heading home.

As we all decided that a get together for Mother’s day was out of the question, I acted as the 5th Kidlet and Al’s breakfast in bed was followed by a day of constant re supply of cups of tea.

That evening, Boris (twat) announced that the UK would go into full lockdown which would affect millions of people.

All non essential businesses were to close and the clear message being sent out was “STAY AT HOME” (This lockdown would take effect from March 23rd)

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