Christmas Eve – Getting ready for Santa

Having had a good nights kip, alarms were set for an early morning trip to Sydney Fish Market, normally you wouldn’t get excited about a fish market but this was no normal fish market. I seemed like the whole of Sydney had turned out, much like we que to buy our Turkeys and meat in the UK, this was a mass (organised) free for all. Roads were closed, police were out in force, directing traffic and every sort of fish you could shake a hairy stick at, was on display.

Having sampled a few delights, myself, Alison, Kee and Chris came away with 14 Morton bay Bugs, 2 kilo of Tiger Prawns and some Sea Bass to make fish Kababs. As were were out and about we also decided to do our second ‘Big Shop’

We then had time to meet Dan, Sheena, Milly, Enna and all their friends down at Balmoral Beach where I past quite a bit of time just burying kids.

Sea swam in, waves dived through and over, kids buried and sun tan topped up, we headed back to the rental pad for a few aperitifs before heading for Dan and Sheen’s for a traditional takeaway Thai meal.

The night was rounded off by the leaving of a carrot for Rudolf and a mince pie and milk for Santa plus the sprinkling of Fairy Dust on the back garden by Milly and Enna just to make sure Santa found his way in the dark.

Getting Ready for Santa
Getting Ready for Santa
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