Christmas Day 2016 – Oz Style

After todays scrumptious food, the scales must have taken a hammering (not checking) Christmas morning started with cuisants (a word that I can never spell correctly and will change later) waffles, fruit and yogurt with orange juice and real coffee made from their super ground coffee bean fandango machine. We were all concerned that it just wouldn’t feel like Christmas but with the Christmas music, santa hats and general excitement, it felt exactly like Christmas, then it was opening pressies time, Al said she wasn’t going mad with the kids this year but she says that every year. Suffice to say, everyone was happy with their pressies and me and Chris found out that we were booked in to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge (WOW)

Breakfast tidied away and prezzies stowed safely it was off to the beach complete with the obligatory santa hats, a quick photo shoot followed by a couple of hours of diving through, over and under the waves and then it was a return to the house to get organised for the Christmas dinner, think it was 17 of us in total?

Loads of pictures were taken by everyone and unfortunately for you (my avid reader) they will be appearing later.

All the little kidlets that arrived for dinner also found out that Santa had called at our house as well and left a few little pressies for them, to say they were dead chuffed would be an understatement, bless their little cottons.

I can happily report that a good time was had by all and the food (if you’re a fishy or veggie sort of person) was bloody lovely.


Christmas Day - Oz-2016
Christmas Day – Oz-2016
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