Chill out, Blue Mountains and Dan’s Birthday

The jet lag keeps appearing randomly here and there so it was decided to have a bit of a chill out sort of day, me, Beth and Lou had a 2 hour beach visit and went to meet Dan, Sheena and gang plus Abbie, Keith, Jodie, Mark, Laura and Fran plus all the kidlets. Alison, Kee, Ryan and Chris chilled out at the house.

Having had a really chilled out recuperation sort of day with Dan opening his pressies, we all got ready for a night out at a much recommended Indian restaurant, the food was fab, as was the company but yet again the jet lag raised its head with all of us taking turns to feel shattered before the feeling moved on and it as the next person’s turn to be a nodding dog for ten mins.

It had already been decided that the following morning would be an early start as it would be ‘Blue Mountains Day’

We were all up very early with little of no fuss and were soon off on our 2 hour drive up into the Blue Mountains.

The highlight of the journey there was me being stopped for a routine roadside breath test and the officer saying to me ‘Can you count to ten?’ I rattled off 1 to 10 and he said ‘ No, Sir, into the device.

We eventually arrived and parked up and you would have thought you had ben transported to a Victorian London scene, the fog was so thick you couldn’t see more than a few metres, a right Pea Souper!

We took a few foggy pictures but were then informed by one of the locals that it would clear within a few hours so we defended on the nearest pub and sure enough within about an hour and a half we were rewarded by some amazing views as the fog disappeared.

It was then time for our journey back (Lou drove, bless her) followed by even more chilling out and drinkie poos.

Me and Al disappeared off to bed slightly ahead of everyone else as the following days plan was a helicopter ride over Sydney (a pressie from all the kids) followed by a posh meal at Darling Harbour!!

Chill out, Dan's Birthday and the Blue Mountains
Chill out, Dan's Birthday and the Blue Mountains
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