Chiang Mai

Booked in the hotel, cheap but very nice bottles of  SangSom special rum and Hong Thong Whiskey purchased. (whiskey is the same one Alisoni bought me the last time she was in Bangkok) when you had Dengy our Lou Lou! X

Coke in the fridge, just got showered and changed but not a clue yet as to where we are going, plan to take it a bit steady as got Thai cookery school in the morning…. can’t wait! …… Will update later.

Well, I’ve heard of Jet Lag but is there such a thing as Train Lag? Because if there is, we had it last night, that, or we were just knackered. We had a good walk around and found a nice looking Hawker stall that was popular, not a clue what we ate, but it was lovely and I know I keep doing a price comparison, (Kee) 60 Baht the lot, £1.20!

We then found a nice cafe that we were unexplicably drawn to, ordered some beers and people watched till the train lag hit us like a locomotive (see what I did there!) It is now nearly 8.00am and I am going for a quick swim in the pool, and it will be quick as it’s bloody freezing, then it’s a quick breakie and off to the cooking school.



Bit miffed as I always believe in getting my money’s worth when you have paid for breakfast but as we were going to be cooking and eating several courses of Thai food quite soon I had to limit myself to a slice of toast, cup of coffee and egg and a tablespoon of beans! Luckily Al nipped to the room for her hat so I managed two eggie breads, another cuppa and a small pancake! ( I was feeling a bit shaky and wanted to make sure my blood sugar levels were ok)

We were met by a lovely Thai chap who took us to the local market, there we met our cooking teacher “Pear” who then showed us all the natural ingredients we would be using later on. We then arrived at the cooking place and once our hands were washed we got stuck straight in, the other 4 people on the course were all Chinese but two spoke quite good English. I ended up cooking  stir fried chicken with cashew nuts, chicken in coconut milk soup, red curry paste and Red Thai curry then when’s on to cook spring rolls. Al cooked, Pad Thai, hot and sour prawn soup, green curry past and Green Thai curry and finished off with Banana Springrolls. Also because one girl had paid for a full day we also got to eat Papaya salad and sticky rice and mango!

The instructor/cook “Pear” was brilliant and all the food we cooked tasted amazing!

Once  finished, we got a taxi to the temple on the hill ‘Doi Suthep’ and for a change, I took loads of pics, it was a huge place with amazing views over Chiang Mai even though it was a bit misty. The beauty of the place and the detail in all the gold statues was amazing! (Must try and use another word?)

It was then time to return to the hotel and the pool to chill before we venture out tonight, now about 6 and chilling by the pool with our homemade beverages!

We then sorted ourselves out, got ready and followed ‘trip Advisor’s’ advice and called at a few reccomended bars plus a bit of a nibble and a banana pancake! When we got back, managed to Skype ‘Our Ange’ and Beth before crashing out for the night about one midnight, looking forward to the bike ride tomorrow.




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