A night out with Tom Jones

Bit late posting about this but was brill, just like listening to a record, faultless and so entertaining. Need to keep an eye out for other events in the future.


Oops, we did it again!!

Well, went to the Birmingham NEC motorhome show, for a look.

New van should get picked up on the 3rd week of July!!

We had seen an Auto Trail Tracker RB and it ticked all the boxes for us regarding how we use our motorhome but I had a niggling doubt about the storage as there was no garage and no way to get to the storage under the fixed bed from inside the camper.

We sat in one for a while and then a salesman started talking to us and I mentioned storage and he said have you had

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Birthday Weekend at Rutland Water

What a cracking, relaxing weekend.

For my birthday weekend, the kids stayed away (they understand, bless em) me, Al and the pooch set off in the camper to a lovely CL site called Rectory Farm, near Uppingham.

Enough room for 5 pitches in a lovely orchard (Al nicked some apples!) and we had the place to ourselves. We didn’t arrive till gone 7pm so we quickly got organised and settled down, having stuck a M&S meal in the oven, we were soon sipping Bacardi and coke and Whiskey and Coke respectively while listening to “Magic FM” on the radio in

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Long weekend in Berlin

Well, this place surprised us. We had purposely not really researched much about it but relied on information mainly from Kee and Beth who had both been. We had expected German precision, ultra organised, ultra efficient, everything in its place where it should be.

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Visit to ‘Wells Next the Sea’ and the Norfolk Coast

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