Kuala Lumpur

Arrived in KL virtually bang on time, tried to find ‘lost and found’ to see if we could get Al’s hat back which she left on the previous Kuala Lumpur – Langkowi flight………but we couldn’t find it!

Quick change and dumped our gear and got a taxi down to ‘China Town’ a cross shaped row of market stalls and street food type eateries. Lovely meal and Tiger beer but couldn’t believe how much prices had risen from our last visit, it now compared with UK prices. 2 large beers, sizzling beef dish, garlic prawns, black pepper chicken and veg fried

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Well, these pictures below about sums this place up, idyllic, peaceful, relaxing and just what is needed to finish off our 5 week adventure. We plan to do very little but will update again later 😀🌞🍺🍷

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Six days have absolutely flown by, they have mainly consisted of lovely breakfasts, sun beds and umbrella on the beach outside our room, homemade BnC and Captain Robert Whiskey. Evening walks, Thai, Lobster and the occasional burger meals washed down with Tiger Beer.

This regime was only punctuated by a 5 hour trip round the island on a moped where we

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Orangutan, Jungle Walk, River Trip and Night Safari.

We jumped off the speed boat from Sandakan and gave the two young doctors a lift to see the Orangutan, they were dead chuffed, Patrick of Borneo is a good egg.

We arrived at the centre just before 9.00am and watched a short but very interesting video about the Orangutan rehabitalisation programme. We then had roughly 2 hours to explore the centre via purpose built wooden walkways situated above the rain forest floor. The first two Orangutan were happily walking along the railings towards us. didn’t get chance to take too many photos as it happened so fast and they

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