Less than 3 weeks till OZ!!

Can’t believe that it is only 20 days till we fly to Oz!

Still seems surreal, we fly late morning on the 17th, got a cunning plan, sleep for the first leg to Kuala Lumpur, then stay awake till we arrive in Oz, late at night, good nights kip and wake up, fresh as a daisy.(somehow, don’t think that will happen as planned)

On a good note, the healthy eating has gone well and on track to be at my Slimming World target before we go.

Hope to keep the blog updated while we are away, will post more

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Diet and Fitness update.

The graph doesn’t lie, but it does add some entertainment.

It is over the whole year but seem to be back on track now!!

I need to be! Off on our amazing OZ, Borneo, Langkawi trip on the 16th December (more on that later)

I have been doing Slimming World healthy eating at home with our Al as she went to SW group on a Friday morning, she has since reached her target but can no longer go because of work so I have taken over and joined three weeks ago.

At the moment lost 3lb/lost 4lb slimmer of

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First decent ride on the racer

I know, it’s terrible, August and its my first run out on the road bike!! Enjoyed it. Jogging tomorrow….if my legs are working?

Diet and Exercise

Well, still going in the right direction but just can’t get into it at the moment.

Now 14st 9lbs which is lower than I have been for a long time and definitely better than my all time heaviest of 16st 8lbs but need to get back into the morning runs with the pooch.

Next target 14st, I’m determined to get my head round it and get stuck in.

Been jogging and on the pushbike so on track again at the moment.

Next health post will be in a months time, we will see!!


Under 15stone for the first time in years!!

Well, managed to lose another 1.6lbs even though I missed weigh in last Friday, weighed in today and now 14 st 13.6 lbs. Doesn’t seem to be that big a deal, however, I have decided enough is enough and even though I quite like my family nickname from the kids (FP…. Fat Panner) purely from a health and wellbeing point of view I can’t wait till I get down to 13 and a half and then see how I feel.

Had a few minor wobbles along the way since Jan 4th when I started but I am half way there

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Worrying over nowt… another 2.3lb gone!

Weigh in Tomorrow!!

This clip sums up my week perfectly!!!

We will see?


Keeping on track – 19lbs Gone

Quick update, Managed to miss going circuit training last Friday as I pulled my back slightly and thought it wasn’t worth risking it getting worse.

The alternative was a longish walk with the pooch and a family meal of SW chips and burgers (started well) followed by several beers and a huge slab of cheesecake!!

I didn’t feel at all like I had crashed and burned as I am trying to think of this weight loss as a change in eating habits and lifestyle as opposed to a diet, you always come off of a diet.

Well, anyway, at the

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22 days gone, over 12lbs gone

On the 2nd of January me and Al discussed the state of my health, words were used like ‘Fat Twat’ BMI, OBESE, along with other words like ‘you can do it’ ‘how do you feel?’ ‘Imagine how much better you will feel’

This conversation was followed by the taking of pictures of me in my PJ bottoms (not a pretty sight)

I have saved the pictures that won’t see the light of day until I have a different set of photos to sit next to them!

My general plan is to take one week at a time, losing every week,

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Training, Walking and Eating

Well, our home scales weighed about 4lb lighter than they should have, that pissed me right off!(sorry)

Had a really good start to the week, walked every night with Beau (the pooch) and went circuit training on Tuesday and Friday (still half kills me every time) haven’t got the hang of exercising and breathing at the same time)

Drum roll please dddddrdrdrrrrrrdddddrrrddddddddrrrrrrrrrr

Start weight on Saturday 2nd Jan 232lb which equates to a jar dropping 16St 8lb (I should be 7ft 6in)

First weigh in on Friday 12th Jan, even bigger drum roll dddddddrddrrrrrdrdrrrrrrrr

In 10 days, lost a total

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