Its nearly that time of year again!

Tomorrow, we head out and call at Sherwood Pines to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a real Christmas tree!

But I’m not one to moan!!

The script normally involves all members of the family with all the kids missing, this year it just won’t be the same! I miss my offspring! The little angels! Laura just changed that last bit! What I was going to say was it involves a lot of too green, not green enough, too skinny, too bushy, too flat on the left, too tall, not tall enough, not straight enough etc etc etc.


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Goodbye Picklestabber.

Not sure if this qualifies as a family memory but good ole picklestabber has been with us all during our past adventures and tomorrow he will be leaving us for good. (unless I can pull him out myself tonight and save £57?)……. really tempted! Hope to get the new tooth fitted before our big Asia trip, otherwise a temporary picklestabber1 will be having a trip of a lifetime, stuck on the end of a plastic plate!

All sorted, looks like picklestabber1 will be going to Asia with us, getting the permanent picklestabber2 sorted, is going to take some time.


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Al, Kee and Lou in NewYork 2011

I think a few posts will all be jumbled up until in different order to when it all actually happened, until our ‘holiday of a lifetime’ begins, where ever that may be?

Here we have Al, Kee and Lou in ‘The Big Apple’ It was an amazing surprise linked to Al’s 50th celebrations, loads of the small video clips were taken sideways (thanks Lou x) but managed to get them all turned around and linked together.

Loved the fact that from time to time you can hear Al in the background singing ‘New York, this is the place where dreams

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My amazing Presents!!

The main reason for reviving this blog is to permanently record the fact that I am so lucky to have a wonderful wife and an amazing family, one week before my 50th birthday! (Yes, 50th!!) We all got together as a family (apart from Chris who was on Skype) and celebrated my birthday breakfast.

What I didn’t know at the time was the amazing presents I would be receiving on that same morning, a week early. I really thought that we were just going to have a lovely breakie, full English with champagne, the works!

We finished breakfast and tried

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