Camp Miramare and Venice

Eventually set off to get here about 8 ish but it seemed that roadworks and the weekend and the fact that everyone seemed to be going the same way as us turned a 2 hour journey into a 4+ hour journey. Well worth it though, the ferry to Venice is 700 metres away and there is even a free bus for those that cant be arsed to walk.

Really hot today, low thirties so decided it was going to be an early start and early ferry in the morning and today was a pool day. Our last campsite before Al flies back is probably the best, huge site but not many here.

Plan for rest of day is probably just to have a meander and maybe a beer or two.

Next update when we return from Venice.

It’s now 10.30 pm and just finished uploading all our pics from today, what a place!

We were both unsure what to expect but we were not dissapointed.

Such a wonderful place, we met a group of 40 school kids and four teachers from Cardiff, on the early morning ferry and he told us he had been coming to Venice for 25 years and was still finding new places that he had not seen before. he gave us a quick run down on where to go and said don’t worry if you get lost, it can be surprising what you can stumble upon.

He was definitely right, every twist and turn, new bridge and small passage took you to places that you would struggle to find again. We lost count of the amount of times we got lost and if we were too hot and bothered we just found a shady watering hole.

Croatia Trip/Venice
Croatia Trip/Venice
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