Bit previous as we aren’t actually there yet, sat in the Bangkok Airways complimentary lounge which is a bit of a pisser as I am not hungry, feel quite full and there is loads of free food and drink available ( non alcoholic!)

we are due to be met at the airport as this is a posh hotel Al organised so hopefully it will be in changed and straight out as we should get in about one ish.

The journey from Chiang Mai to Bangkok took one hour as opposed to our twenty hour train journey the other way, will update later, Al disappeared somewhere, she’ll be knocking about somewhere, done really well so far, not lost her once.

Got the plane ok and landed in Siem Reap, it was really weird, you handed your passport over (I daren’t take pictures) and they scrutinised it before waving you away in a general direction with a wave of the hand, I then settled myself in a  group of passengers that were trying and failing to form some sort of que. the passports, meanwhile, we passed along a long counter behind some quite thick glass so about 12 other people could look at it, stamp it or put a sticker on it. Once this was done the vim migration soldier/officer then held out your passport and shouted your name so you could then be reunited with it.

Was then met outside the airport by a young man carrying a Mr/Ms Wild card, (felt very posh. We had a lightening tour of Siem Reap and in the distance we could actually see Angkor Wat, it looked very impressive and we were miles away!!

we were met in the hotel lobby and the bags magically disappeared up to our room while the young girl explained that we were entitled to VIP check in so she would show us to our room……… It…….. Was……..amazing!!

Once we had fort over the shock of how amazing the hotel was, we decided to chill by the pool and whole Al had a snooze/sunbath I used the complementary bicycle to explore for an hour. I hadn’t been pedalling for two mins when a moped appeared with two poles sticking out the back and on the poles were two full size double bed mattresses!!! He was gone before I could get my camera out!!!!

We had decided to go and see the sunset but once I had sorted a deal with a Tuk Tuk driver we headed for town and ‘pub street’

i don’t know what it is that it has going for it but the whole place just felt so relaxed and friendly, the Thai people we could not fault, but some how the Kymer people had the edge when it came to making you feel relaxed, safe and above all great full for just having the chance to be able to be there.

We had a pitcher of lager ($12, here I go again) then went for a walk around, on the way we met a girl who was determined for us to get our feet massaged, both of us $5 what barging in, we ended up chatting to the young girls and the two amazing young lads who were doing our feet, for over an hour! We had a right food laugh with them practising their English on us, towards the end we had a free neck and back massage and the young lad who was trying to get his arms all the way round me at the time, muttered to his mate, “this ones a fat Papa” me and Al nearly wet ourselves and the lad had to stop because he was laughing so much! (Twat)

We ended up finishing a really wonderful night with some of the best food that I have ever tasted, it rivalled or even bettered what we have experienced in Thailand and that was out of this world. This was eventually followed by a Tuk Tuk ride back to the hotel it was early to bed (10.00) as we are up at quarter to five to see the sunrise then a full day sightseeing followed by a sunset photo shoot, can’t wait…. Bed time zzzzzzzz




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