Birthday Weekend at Rutland Water

What a cracking, relaxing weekend.

For my birthday weekend, the kids stayed away (they understand, bless em) me, Al and the pooch set off in the camper to a lovely CL site called Rectory Farm, near Uppingham.

Enough room for 5 pitches in a lovely orchard (Al nicked some apples!) and we had the place to ourselves. We didn’t arrive till gone 7pm so we quickly got organised and settled down, having stuck a M&S meal in the oven, we were soon sipping Bacardi and coke and Whiskey and Coke respectively while listening to “Magic FM” on the radio in our PJ’s (yes we are getting old)

The following morning was pressie opening time and I was dead chuffed with all the thoughtful gifts (thanked everyone) The birthday breakfast was a trial of a breakfast we are going to be having when we go to OZ (not really mentioned that in my blog yet!!!) its called Turkish Eggs and definitely not from the Slimming World recipe book! It consists of Chorizo, fried, then you add all the juices from your fried Chorizo and butter to cook your eggs in. Probably heart attack on a plate if you ate it constantly but as a one off, non veggie treat, it tasted amazing.

We then headed over to Rutland Water and hooked up the doggie chariot to the pushbike and set off around the lake.

We didn’t make it all the way round as a couple of pubs and a peninsular got in the way, I forgot to take my Garmin but we reckon we must have covered 20 miles plus and it was definitely a bit up and downy!!

We had planned to get back to the van and then head out for a pub meal but as we approached the end of our ride I said to Al “I hope you don’t mind but can we go to the shop, get a couple of decent steaks and have a meal in the van?’ She had been thinking exactly the same, so it was sorted, lovely meal, drinkies but no bloody radio in the back as I left it on a shelf when we set off and it fell and broke!! (yes it was my fault)

Sunday morning was a scrambled eggs, toast and salmon breakfast listening to the rain bouncing off of the van, a lovely couple of days away and only about 50 miles from our doorstep

More Pictures to follow…. It must have been my birthday!!!


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