Bimbi Park and our first ever viewings of Koala’s!!

Saturday the 5th January
Woke up this morning at half eight-ish, Alisoni felt a lot better, had a shower and tidies up the van and then drove about 300 metres to Marango Beach and parked a gnats fart away from the edge of the beach. Several dips, reading, snoozing and walking later, it was half past 3 so decided to pack up and head for the Bimbi Park Campsite that said in their literature ‘park under the Koala’s’ …… If there were none, I was going to kick off!!
As we were packing up I noticed that there was an expensive looking pair of walking sandles on the rocks in front of our van, they had been there since we arrived, I was in a dilemma, spend ages looking for a lost property place, leave them for someone else to pick up, try them on, throw them in the van, or just forget that I had seen them even though I would be doing a lot of walking in Asia?
Anyway, turns out it was destiny, size ten and fit a treat!
We set off for Bimbi Park that is situated in the Cape Otway National Park and as we turned off the Great Ocean Road signposted Bimbi Park, we noticed two cars pulled over and people wandering about with cameras, we pulled in and I asked someone if they had seen any Koala’s and they pointed out a bundle of fur low down in a tree which chose that moment to wake up and have a look around! (Thanks for lending us that zoom lens, Dave)
We were so excited, think we may have attracted some strange looks, thanks to my new sandals, managed to sneak up on a few more Koala’s before we got to the Bimbi Park.
Parked under a huge tree complete with two resident Koala’s, hope the bloody things don’ t  keep us awake competing with the squawking parrots!  (Jokin)
We now intend to chill for a while, walk or drive to the Otway Light Station once we have walked around this place and snapped as many Koala’s as you can shake a hairy stick at.
Now half past 5 on Saturday night, going to have a Bimble around.
We threw some steak and a few prawns on the barbie and had several b and c’s and w&c’s, in fact, I had far too much and felt a little worse for wear the next day!


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