Bangkok to Chiang Mai on the sleeper train

It is now half an hour till we board, sat in an Internet cafe supping Chang beer, the night before, I said to Al, shall we Skype the kids and she said ” nah, knackered” she was pissed though!

had a walk round and left Al in the t’nternet cafe for 5 mins, came back and she had been crying and looked really upset, I was really concerned, when I asked her what was wrong, she said, ” I have just seen a picture of Beau on your Facebook!”…… I knew she loved her!!

Now leaving the cafe at half six, train at 7, will update later with loads of pics x

Should have set off at 19.35 but actually set off at 20.20′ was this a sign of things to come? we are both excited and to be fair, just glad to be on our way heading for our next stage of this amazing adventure. things have started well, the countryside is flying past and we have nibbles and drinkies.

It’s now ten past ten, the French speaking Belgian kids have been giggling and messing about for the last half an hour and luckily they missed out on Al ripping their heads off by only a few minutes as they are asleep now. Al has been looking at the blog posts offline that I have yet to post and someone has managed to delete my Bangkok to Chiang Mai post?!? Will have to try and fill it in later once we have t’nternet at the Chiang Mai hotel.

Had a few beers so it’s nighty night from me and Al, going to hang out of a few windows in the morning so I an take a few pics for a change!
It’s now 2.30 in the morning, Al asleep in the bunk below (I think?) can’t sleep, have had four hours kip but girl in next bunk coughing like a Thoresby Colliery Pit Moggy!
Going to have a little wonder then back to bed. No wonder the train takes about fifteen hours to get to Chiang Mia, it’s a lovely smooth ride but the train has stopped 3 times just while I have been typing this!
Now 3.10 had a wander, just got back and was climbing up to the top bunk when Al grabbed my leg, jumped a mile! She wasn’t asleep after all and has been watching the towns and little stations glide past.
I had thought of sitting in the food coach (5 coaches up) and having a cuppa while typing this but when I got there, it was all in darkness with bodies of the train staff just lying wherever they could, seemed really spooky.
On the way back I lost count of the coaches and was stood outside compartment 23 debating whether or not it was my number 23? When a Thai women whipped back her curtain and said “whaa yoah dohan yoah skohking perverr” which roughly translated means what you doing you skulking pervert?
I made that last bit up just for editorial content, she actually just scowled at me and I just mumbled sorry and scuttled away, taking my camera with me. Now half three, going to sleep.
Must have stopped a few times in the night as woke up in different places but train was stood, now 7.30, food coach shut (have been to check) its cold and misty and either side of the train looks like jungle, on one side a guard is feeding his dog and on the other side there is a red light and a maintenance diesel train has trundled past in opposite directions on the line next to us, hope there is no connection?
Want to nip outside and take a pic of Al through the window but think she would have a dicky fit, was cold so I have bought my blanket from the top bunk and me and Al are topping and tailing to keep warm. Train was stood for an hour, 7.33 just started moving again. Yay!
Now 9.30, Belgian twats getting on my tits, just been sat with Al in the food coach with windows open having a cuppa, returned to our compartment and I went to the front of the train, we should have got in at 10, asked a guard how much longer to Chiang Mai and he put his hand out, wiggled it about a bit and said “3 hours” !!!!!!
If you read or hear in the news of 4 Belgian kids being found scattered over the Bangkok/Chiang Mai railway line, you will know that Al snapped!!
On a good note, the scenery is amazing!!
Al has just been looking at me and has informed me that I have now been re christened FB and not FP………. (Fat Buddah)…. I know I am going on…. But even I could jog faster than this train is travelling at the moment!!
This train is called the overnight  sleeper train, it should have been called the overnight and all day sleep when you can train, we are stood at the moment but new estimated time of arrival 3pm……. Possibly. Al armed with sleeping mask and ear plugs and is fast on as didn’t get much sleep last night. Feel bad now as Belgian children are doing school work quietly as I mentioned that Al was sleeping….. they won’t be scattered all over the track afterall. Train been stood again for twenty mins with no sign of moving, I am not fed up that the train is stood as it’s an experience in itself but I am concerned that if it takes much longer than estimated we are missing our planned activities in Chiang Mai.
Going to go and sit with the guards with the open doors and watch the world go by….. When we move again! Now 10.30.
Sign of life sign of life!!!!! Cows, a road with cars on it and Al spotted a Macro!
Time now 12.45 and the last update was still, not convinced though as I took a walk down the station at our last stop and there was a group of people gathered around a wheel as someone under the train was wellying the hell out of a huge brake calliper with half a building brick. (Technology nowadays eh!)
Al seems ok but I have had a word with the guard and we have put her on suicide watch just in case, not worried though even if she does have a scary Jack Nicholson type smile on her face when he was in ‘The Shining’ …….. ‘Here’s Ali!’
We are keeping our spirits up by singing old WW2 songs and even though the Belgians did naff all in the war, they are joining in. …….. ‘We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…. We’ll meet again on some sunny daaaaayy!!!’ Now 1.00pm.
…..update…. Alison is wearing her bwarrrr, on top of her hoodie and is rocking back and forward muttering something that sounds like ‘ ten hours, my Arse!!’ Just ordered a B&C so hopefully will be able to pull her round?
17 hours cracked, not sure when this journey will end but not taking into account what we could have been doing if we had taken the bus or plane, I’m enjoying it, I feel like Michael Palin without the camera and sound man and 14 man backup team….. If I see one more Banana tree minus Bananas I am going to throw a f*^€$ng wobbler!!!!
Ok, we are getting there, just past a golf course and a few concrete and brick houses, been taking picks of Banana trees with the guards, they are a bit like my memorable seal pictures…. Lots of them! The guard tells me that we will be in Chiang Mai in less than an hour, he also told me that I had lost weight since the last time I visited them at the front of the train and we can expect a free taxi at the end of the journey because of their slight six hour delay!
Time now 14.30…… Arrived 15.30!! X

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