At Shaun and Alison’s place in Brisbane.

Our plane arrived virtually on time and Shaun had given us a key as we were arriving  an hour before them, we unlocked the front door and hopefully the forthcoming photos will do the place justice. Apparently it’s a typical  Queenslander house, we spend the next hour just wondering around ooooohing and aarring. after we had followed Shaun’s instructions to the beer fridge! 

once Shaun,  Alison, Kee, and Ryan had arrived. Alison knocked up some plaza and nibbles before it was time to crash out for the night.

The following morning as Shaun and Alison did their own thing, we went and visited the ‘Lonesome Pine Koala Sanctuary’  well worth a visit but the temperature is definitely a lot more humid than Sydney, we were all dripping and making sure we drank loads of water.

For the first time in ages the blog is up to date apart from the addition of a few more photos, everyone is round the pool, beer in hand and Shsun and Alison are preparing an amazing lamb dish with morrocan rice and side dishes 😳❤️

Quick update….. the meal was amazing and Shaun and Alison even ordered a lightening storm just before we went to bed  Think I will sleep well as Shaun has introduced me to a ‘rusty nail’

Shaun & Alison's Brisbane
Shaun & Alison's Brisbane
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