Arrived at Bangkok, on way to Jomtien Beach

No delays, just had time for scrambled egg on toast and in what seemed no time at all we were taking off. I got sat in an aisle seat with Al at the other side of the aisle and a chubby 8 year old Thai kiddy next to me with his mum and a little tot next to him. They might have been very well behaved kids but as there were loads of space at the front of the plane, once we had set off I took my pillow and had 3 seats all to myself, laid down and the next thing I know is the cabin crew saying fasten your seat belts for landing!
We are now in the Taxi to Jomtien Beach which is Bangkok’s answer to Skegness, we are slowly mastering this bartering malarki as the first few taxi firms wanted 2500 Baht to take us on the hour and a half journey but eventually after telling them politely to “bog off” we got a public taxi for 1500 Baht. Here’s hoping thatAl gets plenty of beach time and the hotel is as good as it looks, t’nternet can lie!?!

Been in the taxi now for an hour and twenty mins, travelling very fast on the toll freeway, think we have to pay? The weather is really warm but cloudy, can’t work out if its cloud or smog?
We can see signs for Phathaya so can’t be that far off. Bit worried about how the hotel and beach will be, just want to chill for a few days with no worries about packing, unpacking, planning how we should get here, there and everywhere etc etc. Now 1.00pm, I reckon we will be in the hotel within half an hour?
Now been going 2 hours! The Phathaya wasn’t our Pattaya! Al spotted a Pattaya 47km sign about 15 mins back, Jomtien Beach is down the coast and slightly nearer… I think. j
Just started spitting (that fine rain that wets you through) might have to start singing old war songs again to boost morale!?
Time now ten to two, just seen a sign for our destination Jomtien Beach!! 32km. Yay!
Last half an hour flew (not) taxi driver must have had six stops asking people where the hotel was. We eventually found it and booked in, very nice but it has gone for a polished concrete finish but it really looks like it needs a coat of paint everywhere to finish it off. On a positive note, the room is amazing, looks out over the sea with a balcony, has a free standing bath which also has views over the sea and a separate shower and toilet.

We got ourselves sorted and had a walk out for a meal, turned out to be cheap and really tasty. We then settled ourselves on the beach determined to remain there until sunset. About half an hour before sunset, an army of ladies descended on us while we were lying on the beach (5 of them) and started looking at our feet making tut tut noises and insisting we needed help straight away, shamefully we fell for it and ended up getting our feet done and Al had her nails painted as well!

We visited the 7.11 store which is just outside the hotel and got some beer and coke for our whiskey stash, and for the first time in ages, did absolutely nothing other than watch the sea out of the balcony window, sip alcoholic beverages and generally just chilled out.
Plan for tomorrow, much of the same, possibly a pool day or even a doss on the beach next to the sea day, not seen the forecast and not looking. Just skyped our Joanie Baloney (our no1 reader) and was lovely to see her chops, now ten fifteen at night and flagging so maybe next update tomorrow, night night x x

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