Al flown home :-( On way up Norf)

Al had an hours delay and had to be at airport two hours before so by the time she got the plane I was three hours into my journey. Stopped the first night in Marano (as I knew it was safe…. and free)

Left Marano early as the market stall holders woke me up at 5, setting up. Now at a place called Fernstein which is up in them thar hills in Austria, about 40km from the German border, I pass Fussen in Germany en-route back so might stop there or push on, not sure yet.

Loads of Japanese tourists here, looking at a castle?

Had to stop for a quick cuppa as didn’t want to break the no twosie rule in the van, €3.20 for a cuppa!!!! sod the twosie rule, next time.

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