A floating village then chilling out on our last day in Siem Reap

We decided to have a lie in and didn’t organise the Tuk Tuk till .9.30. Took ages to get there as it was quite a way and included travelling along the new highway, which will be good when it is done but at the moment resembles the roads you see in spaghetti westerns  with dust clouds billowing everywhere.

We bought our tickets and soon afterwards realised we had been totally ripped off and paid about double the going rate (twats) we jumped in a small boat and to be air, the guide was really good and very informative. He explained that a lot of people called at the floating market and bought rice and clean water for the orphans at the school. Completely by chance, next stop was the market! Yes we bought some!!

we went past loads of floating houses and it was brill to see them going about their day to day business as though they lived on Edwinstowe high street. We called in school and I was given a skipping lesson followed by a visit to a seedy and very cruel crocodile farm (not nice) followed by another tour of the rest of the village and then back to where we started with me driving. We hadn’t gone 5 yards when Al said “shouldn’t you be steering right a bit more?” It was just like driving back home again!

Overall, if I was writing for a travel website or trip advisor I would say give this one a miss, very interesting but you came away feeling a built jaded and ripped off.

we then ended up going out for a meal but within no time at all we were back in bed zonked having packed all our stuff ready for the off in the morning!



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