Al’s birthday day out at Chatsworth

After our weekend away in London, we were not quite sure where to go for the day on Al’s birthday but then settled on Chatsworth simply because we have often thought about it but never got round to it……. what a brill decision!!

We started off with a guided tour on the back of a golf buggy which gave us a better idea where everything was.

We had a good wander round and there was so much to see, the time flew and it was over 3 hours before we were sitting back in the cafe having a cuppa before heading for a local pub in Baslow. Al’s pie would have killed someone if it was thrown across a room and the garlic mushroom starter was not much better. However, it didn’t diminish a brill day and the next visit will definitely be visiting inside the house.

Al's Birthday  Chatsworth 2017
Al's Birthday Chatsworth 2017
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