50 Miles away!!…… and…….there!!!

Was up bright and early this morning (5am) sunrise was about half past so I was off first light.
The loose plan was to try and get through Slovenia without going on the toll roads as hadn’t got a vignette or Go Box.
All went well and thanks to Keith, managed to navigate Slovenia ok and pushed on to try and do as many miles as poss.
Took the toll road in Croatia that is in them thar hills, had to pull over at a service station for 20 mins as the thunder and lightening and terrential rain made it difficult to drive, glad i did as I soon passed several crumpled vehicles that had unexpectably met the roadside barriers.

Finally decided to push on and get to the campsite early but got distracted by this amazing view and the fact that you could stay overnight for nowt.

New plan, up early, get to the campsite and just chill and wait for the arrival of Chris and Keith. Might even get the kayak out.

This pull in is on the main Croatian Toll Road, called Odmoriste Krka and is right next to an amazing coastal village called Skradin. Been talking to a German chap who has been stopping here every time he comes to Croatia, even though he can sometimes push on further, him and his wife and Alsation (that won’t come out the van because she is scared of thunder) always stop as the views and tranquility are wonderbar.

Well, the new plan worked apart from the getting up early bit, now at the Croatia Campsite, all set up and just waiting for Chris and Keith who should be a few hours away and our Al who flies in on Sunday 🙂





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