22 days gone, over 12lbs gone

On the 2nd of January me and Al discussed the state of my health, words were used like ‘Fat Twat’ BMI, OBESE, along with other words like ‘you can do it’ ‘how do you feel?’ ‘Imagine how much better you will feel’

This conversation was followed by the taking of pictures of me in my PJ bottoms (not a pretty sight)

I have saved the pictures that won’t see the light of day until I have a different set of photos to sit next to them!

My general plan is to take one week at a time, losing every week, just not interested in maintaining or putting on.

General plan………

Walking the pooch every morning before work.

Circuit training every Tuesday and Friday.

Out on the bike at least twice in the week or an hour on the turbo trainer.

Keep eating the delicious food that me and Al plan for the week

I won’t always be able to stick to the above but so far everything is going well, as it has before. The biggest hurdle for me is simply keeping going and gradually changing the way we eat.

I know I can do it, so I have split my goals up into mini goals using my ‘Happy Scale’ phone app.

Next target will be 15 and a half stone which would mean 15lbs off (well on the way with just over 12 gone)

Watch this space (if you can be bothered)


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