Girlies night out/Boys to see StarWars

This turned out to be a very chilled out sort of day once I had done over 40 miles on the racer with our Dan and Grub (Chris) Dan had hired a proper racer for me to try out as I had bought my helmet, gloves and cycle shoes….just in case!

We had an absolutely amazing ride and all I wanted to do was stop and take photos as the views were so amazing.

Once back at the house and recovered it was a serious case of chilling out before all the girls disappeared for a girlie night out for

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and the arrival of Shaun and Alison.

This was so worth doing, far better than we could ever have imagined. Me and Chris got kitted up as our Al and lou meandered round Sydney and also walked over the bridge while waiting for us.

The highlights were obviously the amazing views but Chris so nearly became my personal highlight as we approached the apex of the bridge where when you looked down through the steel mesh, you could see 6 lanes of fast moving traffic.

Chris was attached securely to the safety wire and moving naturally just in front of me, suddenly he must have glanced down through

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Enna’s Birthday and Watson’s Bay visit.

As planned, we all jumped in the car to whisk off to Dan and Sheena’s for Enna’s birthday, this was followed by a general laze about in our pool before all disappearing to Watson’s Bay for their famous Fish and Chips.

Verdict, Watson’s Bay, amazing, beautiful and picturesque, Fish and Chips, I wouldn’t give them to Beau! Not at all like ‘proper’ Fish and Chips.

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Christmas Day 2016 – Oz Style

After todays scrumptious food, the scales must have taken a hammering (not checking) Christmas morning started with cuisants (a word that I can never spell correctly and will change later) waffles, fruit and yogurt with orange juice and real coffee made from their super ground coffee bean fandango machine. We were all concerned that it just wouldn’t feel like Christmas but with the Christmas music, santa hats and general excitement, it felt exactly like Christmas, then it was opening pressies time, Al said she wasn’t going mad with the kids this year but she says that every year. Suffice to

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Christmas Eve – Getting ready for Santa

Having had a good nights kip, alarms were set for an early morning trip to Sydney Fish Market, normally you wouldn’t get excited about a fish market but this was no normal fish market. I seemed like the whole of Sydney had turned out, much like we que to buy our Turkeys and meat in the UK, this was a mass (organised) free for all. Roads were closed, police were out in force, directing traffic and every sort of fish you could shake a hairy stick at, was on display.

Having sampled a few delights, myself, Alison, Kee and Chris

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Helicopter Ride-Darling Harbour- Posh Meal

We had the most amazing day/night and were like a pair of nodding dogs travelling back to Manly on the ferry.

The day started early-ish as we were flying at 10.30, we arrived on time and the first thing that was said to us straight after the safety briefing was ‘who wants to sit next to the pilot?’ I volunteered my services straight away and was rewarded by the most fantastic views of Sydney. We met a lovely couple from the Manchester/Liverpool area and shared the cost of a taxi back to Sydney. Once in Sydney we spent the whole

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Chill out, Blue Mountains and Dan’s Birthday

The jet lag keeps appearing randomly here and there so it was decided to have a bit of a chill out sort of day, me, Beth and Lou had a 2 hour beach visit and went to meet Dan, Sheena and gang plus Abbie, Keith, Jodie, Mark, Laura and Fran plus all the kidlets. Alison, Kee, Ryan and Chris chilled out at the house.

Having had a really chilled out recuperation sort of day with Dan opening his pressies, we all got ready for a night out at a much recommended Indian restaurant, the food was fab, as was the

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Palm Beach, Big Shop, BBQ and Sydney Visit

Had planned to get up and do our ‘Big Shop’ first thing but the weather was soooo good we headed for a place we had first visited 4 years ago, ‘Palm Beach’ We just had to visit the ‘Bible Garden’ on the way there, it is a piece of land that if built on, would be worth millions, it has been saved purely as a peaceful place to visit with an absolutely amazing view of ‘Palm Beach’ (the beach where neighbours is filmed)

Once at the Palm Beach we went to a brilliant cafe called the Boat Shed where we

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We are on our way!/We are there!

Well….. Guess who dropped a right clanger (no guessing, obviously it was me)

I must apologise to my reader or possibly reader(s) there might be 5 of you by now?

Anyway, due to circumstances well within my control, all the holiday posts from the 16th December onwards, have disappeared! They will re-appear gradually and will look slightly different but the positive side is……… you get to trawl through them all again (is that a positive thing?)

Me and Al got dropped off at Newark Station by our Ells and throughout the train journey down to London Town I proceeded to

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