22 days gone, over 12lbs gone

On the 2nd of January me and Al discussed the state of my health, words were used like ‘Fat Twat’ BMI, OBESE, along with other words like ‘you can do it’ ‘how do you feel?’ ‘Imagine how much better you will feel’

This conversation was followed by the taking of pictures of me in my PJ bottoms (not a pretty sight)

I have saved the pictures that won’t see the light of day until I have a different set of photos to sit next to them!

My general plan is to take one week at a time, losing every week,

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Training, Walking and Eating

Well, our home scales weighed about 4lb lighter than they should have, that pissed me right off!(sorry)

Had a really good start to the week, walked every night with Beau (the pooch) and went circuit training on Tuesday and Friday (still half kills me every time) haven’t got the hang of exercising and breathing at the same time)

Drum roll please dddddrdrdrrrrrrdddddrrrddddddddrrrrrrrrrr

Start weight on Saturday 2nd Jan 232lb which equates to a jar dropping 16St 8lb (I should be 7ft 6in)

First weigh in on Friday 12th Jan, even bigger drum roll dddddddrddrrrrrdrdrrrrrrrr

In 10 days, lost a total

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Healthy Eating…..Again!!!

It is now time to try and get fit and go somewhere where I haven’t been for many years.

Where’s that I hear you ask (Talking to myself here)

I haven’t had a healthy BMI for years,

I haven’t felt good about the way I look, for years.

I haven’t had more than about 10% of my clothes that fit me, for years

This is my first post in the “Health’ category. So I have a weekly ongoing record of my success or failure that I can refer to, to either spur me on or alternatively record yet another failure?

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January 2016 Already!!!

As you can see, this blog has been doing nothing except collect cyber cobwebs, I nearly lost the lot because I forgot to pay!

I am going to try and start using it again because things happen, good weekends away happen and I just don’t bother to add these events on here to look back on at a later date.

So, basically, things SHOULD start to appear ………… maybe.