Our final Journey of our amazing trip! Bangkok then home.

Now on our way to Bangkok and Kohsan Road, traveling in a taxi, not a clue where I got up to with the blog but will try and backtrack a bit.

We arrived in Bangkok after the taxi driver must have covered most of it trying to find the hotel where we could leave our bags on Kohsan Road which is the backpackers Mecca of Bangkok, the taxi eventually dropped usoff at the hotel and we just had to tip him, he was so flustered and appologetic. Turned out we couldn’t leave them there! so they directed us to another

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Jomtien Beach

Had chance to have a good look around the hotel, they have gone for an unfinished look, really weird, all the walls and ceilings are polished concrete but the view from the balcony is amazing, all the fixtures and fittings are top quality, but overall the place just looks like it needs a few thousand spending to finish off the decor.

Spent the whole day today on the beach apart from the odd foray to fetch nibbles and drinks. About two we had a walk and found another large hotel with a nice pool and used that for a few

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Arrived at Bangkok, on way to Jomtien Beach

No delays, just had time for scrambled egg on toast and in what seemed no time at all we were taking off. I got sat in an aisle seat with Al at the other side of the aisle and a chubby 8 year old Thai kiddy next to me with his mum and a little tot next to him. They might have been very well behaved kids but as there were loads of space at the front of the plane, once we had set off I took my pillow and had 3 seats all to myself, laid down and the

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Halong Bay

Bus picked us up on time at 8.00am and we were soon traveling through Ha Noi heading for the outskirts and countryside towards Halong Bay approx 3 and a half hours away. Managed to kip for some of it mainly through the bits that looked all the same with the red hammer and sickle communist party flags flying all over the place. This soon gave way to open paddy fields as the tour guide explained how Vietnam’s exporting of rice had recently overtaken Thailand and their coffee is now exported in greater quantities than Brazil! He also gave us an

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Ha Noi

Eventually landed at Ha Noi airport, a bloke approached us and said “Airport Taxi”

We said ok how much? Seemed reasonable so we jumped in. It wasn’t until we had travelled a few miles, Al said “you sure he’s a Taxi?, I didn’t see any sign on the car? I wasn’t worried up until that point, we travelled along feeling that our next turn would be up a back alley and our demise but after a few questions and the taxi driver telling us about his wife and lovely 5 year old daughter, he didn’t seem the murdering kind and

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