Bypassing Phnom Penh and heading for Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

We decided to give Phnom Pen a miss as the King had died recently and it seemed like the whole of Cambodia was travelling to his funeral on the 1st and it was chocka. instead, we decided to head for Ho Chi Minh City, we arrived at half past two and when we left the airport all seemed quiet, but that was a false sense of security because within minutes, cars and mopeds were zipping all over the place! We found a decent hotel, got sorted and then after a quick wander round we went out for drinkies and a

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A floating village then chilling out on our last day in Siem Reap

We decided to have a lie in and didn’t organise the Tuk Tuk till .9.30. Took ages to get there as it was quite a way and included travelling along the new highway, which will be good when it is done but at the moment resembles the roads you see in spaghetti westerns with dust clouds billowing everywhere.

We bought our tickets and soon afterwards realised we had been totally ripped off and paid about double the going rate (twats) we jumped in a small boat and to be air, the guide was really good and very informative. He explained

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The Khmer Temples

This must be one of the best days of our wondrous trip, rivalling the posh hotel, hospitality, friendliness and general atmosphere of Phi Phi. Even though totally different places, would be hard pushed to pick a favourite.

Where to start? Firstly, I will have to add in names of temples at a later date as apart from Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and the Tomb Raider Temple I have no idea of the names of all the amazing temples we visited…. Here Goes…………….

Got up at 4.30 as we were being picked up by a Tuk Tuk at 5.00 so we

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Bit previous as we aren’t actually there yet, sat in the Bangkok Airways complimentary lounge which is a bit of a pisser as I am not hungry, feel quite full and there is loads of free food and drink available ( non alcoholic!)

we are due to be met at the airport as this is a posh hotel Al organised so hopefully it will be in changed and straight out as we should get in about one ish.

The journey from Chiang Mai to Bangkok took one hour as opposed to our twenty hour train journey the other way, will

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Chiang Mai bike ride and Sunday Walking Market

Our alarm went off at about half seven to give us enough time to get some breakfast before being picked up for our bike ride, I had nearly finished my 3rd course (joking) when Alex turned up to pick us up, we then went on to pick up two Slavinian ladies who were equipped with cycling shorts, proper shirts and small ruck sacks, me and Al looked at our shorts, tee shirt and sandles and had doubts about the suitability of our attire. We needn’t have worried, the next six Chinese kids to get in the van were all dressed

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Chiang Mai

Booked in the hotel, cheap but very nice bottles of SangSom special rum and Hong Thong Whiskey purchased. (whiskey is the same one Alisoni bought me the last time she was in Bangkok) when you had Dengy our Lou Lou! X

Coke in the fridge, just got showered and changed but not a clue yet as to where we are going, plan to take it a bit steady as got Thai cookery school in the morning…. can’t wait! …… Will update later.

Well, I’ve heard of Jet Lag but is there such a thing as Train Lag? Because if there

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Bangkok to Chiang Mai on the sleeper train

It is now half an hour till we board, sat in an Internet cafe supping Chang beer, the night before, I said to Al, shall we Skype the kids and she said ” nah, knackered” she was pissed though!

had a walk round and left Al in the t’nternet cafe for 5 mins, came back and she had been crying and looked really upset, I was really concerned, when I asked her what was wrong, she said, ” I have just seen a picture of Beau on your Facebook!”…… I knew she loved her!!

Now leaving the cafe at half

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Krabi to Bangkok

Not been able to update the last Krabi post so getting a bit ahead of myself. It’s now about an hour before we board the plane for Bangkok, the plan for today is a bit vague but we are hoping all goes to plan. We intent to arrive in Bangkok and either ring the train station or take a Tuk Tuk ( not a tut tut) if its not too far. We have provisionally booked the overnight train to Chaing Mai but the return email said absolutely nothing other than showing an ID number, we are hoping that that means

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Well peeps, having had a lovely trip to Krabi at the front of the boat we jumped a taxi and headed for a place right next to the beach about 40 mins from Krabi Town itself. We had booked nowhere but managed to talk to a young German couple who where staying at a place right on the beach and they had stayed there before and told its it was nice and clean with air con wifi and tv…. and cheap…. I was sold.

We checked in, dumped the bags, stuck stuff in the safe and headed to the beach,

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Ko Lanta

We got on the boat ok and it only took about an hour, on the way we got speaking to a local who was touting for business and the brochures he had and the prices looked amazing so we decided to book with him and the trip to the apartments was also included!

Photos can lie, the room itself was clean and seemed ok but the beach and the pool and general resort area looked jaded and seemed to cater for the lager lout crowd, overall it just didn’t match up to our expectations. the place was called the Blue

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